Lone Wolf Poet: Episode 35

essay cover chalice

“The Day Is A Poem (November 9, 2016)”*

This morning Facebook spoke at Friends, we read
Its voice of genius: that is, of capital-lettered debility,
Anger, finger pointing, cored on a MFA emotion’s soul
Read clearly through Gizmobation wrath, a student loan debt
Wailing behind Posts; invoking the unread and wailing at it.
Here, in his cube in a Chicago Loft-style office, Sin-
Clearly has made a reservation for two at an old-school
Steak joint downtown where he will have three martinis.
After a Broiled T-Bone Steak (32oz), a French Onion
Soup and appetizer of mussels, as the waiter (who will be
Tipped near 17%) pours coffee, the Lone Wolf Poet will
Strike up a cig, inhale and exhale in painful excess. Until,
Alas, the Republicans and Democrats, alike, bitch him out
With bitchings crusted with blood and barbaric omens. So
Chased out, waiting on the valet, his wife will flatten his ass.


*A revisioning, with an extra line, of “The Day Is A Poem (September 19, 1939)” by Robinson Jeffers.


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