Lone Wolf Poet: Episode 8

essay cover chalice

“To a T”
Reaction to Michael Robbins’s sophomore effort, The Second Sex

~In the spirit of Sin-

Clearly: bullshit is exactly the poet’s point – a quest
to display how a craft becomes of the poet’s T-shirts
perceptibly painstakingly chosen to don in the author

Photos of features. Imagine if from within the poet’s
craft the poet’s clandestine enterprise is to aesthetically
mis-assemble what becomes of cynicism’s selfie-inborn

Reaction to bad taste, while concurrently prefabricating
within the commercialism of discernment’s increased
absence a crafty dis-familiarity with an all-too-emotive

Obliviousness—basically endeavors to make of poetry
what Gizmobation has made of man’s choice to maintain
presence in the moment: hipster ironic: as a T read to a T.


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